3D XR Vision

It’s a total vSLAM solution targeted for AR/VR/MR HMD applications.  In addition to high speed, high accuracy 6DOF tracking, it also delivers advanced features such as plane detection, super impose, 3D reconstructions, gesture, and object recognition through SDK, which includes support for Unity.

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The MSRP for the 3D XR Vision Full-Function Module is 499 USD.

— Applicability

VR/AR HMD/glass, Service Robots, 6DOF Controller, Object Detection, Depth and Dimension Measurement

— Key Features

  • High speed VSLAM+AI engines powered by industry leading VPU
  • 6DOF tracking, depth sensing, object detection fused on the edge
  • Realtime fast 3D reconstruction with depth sensing and SLAM capability

— Key Benefits

  • Cost effective turn-key solution for quick product integration
  • Highly integrated functions over single USB link
  • Space saving and battery operational

— Key Specs

  • 6DOF tracking at 100fps , mm level accuracy with 130° HFOV, 45/80mm baseline
  • Depth sensing at 5-30fps, up to 1% accuracy with 60° HFOV up to 5 meters
  • Object detection at 10fps output

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CES 2020 Pre-order Promotion for 3D XR Vision 80